7 Business Ideas for Locations that Lack Technology


While many people set up a business based on their own expertise, sometimes fulfilling a local need can be more lucrative. After all, your specialty could already be covered by a large number of competitors. Although there’s nothing wrong with competition, you might have an easier time getting customers if you provide a service or product that is lacking in your area. Since technology is a current need in today’s society, perhaps certain devices or services related to that will be more ideal for your locality.

Landscaping Technology

Selling landscaping tools can go beyond shovels or hoses. There is a great deal of technology that is related to the care and maintenance of the lawns. Water timers, organic treatments to reduce water use, living wall construction and more can give the community a way to become more energy efficient. Essentially, you could make money while helping the customer save on monthly expenses. You could go so far as to provide installations of the products as well.

Disaster Prevention and Consulting

Natural disasters happen quite often, and having a method to protect information from being destroyed by floods or tornadoes may be in everyone’s best interest. You can offer consultations for Cloud-based methods or even set up your own recovery services while using a remote online server. This could easily be connected to a local insurance company while increasing revenue streams for the service.

Blogging Consultations

Being a successful blogger requires more than just writing a few lines of text and hoping for the best. You can introduce how individuals and businesses can benefit from blogs including marketing and sharing of the information on social media. Thanks to reseller accounts for webhosting, you could even set these up and charge a monthly fee for “hosting” the website.

Computer Repairs

Computers and smart-enabled devices are plentiful in communities. There may not be enough technicians to meet the demand of the populace. If you’re technically inclined, you could do well by helping others learn and care for their equipment. In some situations, you could even be outsourced by local businesses for IT support on a regular basis. You not only sell the computers, but you can help these organization maintain the devices as well.

Video Development for Online Media

A lot of people would like to capitalize on the financial aspects of YouTube and other video services. Unfortunately, many do not know how to get into this field and make it worthwhile. You could set up your own video studio allowing people to rent space and equipment for various online video developments. Like blogging mentioned earlier, knowing more about marketing the content could be something people might pay money for in your area.

Internet Service Provider

Although creating an Internet Service Provider could cost a great deal of money, it could be extremely lucrative if you could offer stable and fast service for a reasonable fee. Many areas of the country are still without decent access to online materials. In most of these locations, the demand is extremely high without a supply. Even rural areas need access to something faster than dial-up connections.

Gadget Retail

Retail locations that provide technological gadgets could do exceptionally well, especially if the competition is non-existent. Thanks to the Internet, you could acquire products from vendors that are not normally accessed by the public. Did you know that you can get coolers for pop cans and warmers for coffee cups that operate off of USB jacks from the computer? Many people don’t know what devices are available because of a lack of marketing in the area.

Entrepreneurs of all kinds have found a great deal of profit by helping areas advance into the 21st century. People such as Ehsan Bayat can be considered social engineers by providing updated cell service and equipment to areas where there was very little. By meeting the demands of the local populace, these individuals not only make money with their ideas, but it also improves the community. What does your city lack in the way of technology that you could invest your money?

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