Tourism Business Ideas For Startups

Among all business ideas, tourism might appear to be a heavy one. But have you ever imagined making a living off of a successful tourism business from a small start? If you haven’t, then this article is for you to break misconceptions about the travel industry and expose it as a potential market.

The travel industry has many great open doors for all size of startups as well as huge corporations and groups of businesses. Intimidating as it is, big players in the tourism industry are in many cases the reason why this business is such a huge one, teeming with new opportunities every day. Some travel startup ideas have the potential to bring subtle success and huge business options when matched with your dedication and willingness. A bit of smartness can take a travel startup to big arenas. Hence, let us consider 6 great tourism business startup ideas below:

Travel and Tourism Blog

berlin-630640_640A blog is where your passion meets others passionate like you. A travel blog can be a great way of starting to share your love for traveling and tourism. This is the best way to gather online audience as you start to monetize from it.

If you have enough knowledge about the travel industry, know how it works and less inclined to run your business physically, then a blog idea is best for you. Moreover, with a laptop, knowledge and passion, one can earn great digits running a travel blog.

Tour Operator Business

This is a great sector to create your space in the travel business arena. One can start a tour operation business with enough skill and knowledge. Set up in suitable locations, a tour operation business attracts a lot of customers. For example, if you’re in Bosnia, you can set up a travel agency where you help your client plan their Bosnia Tourism. If you love planning day tours and sight-seeing then consider this startup. The business can concentrate on either a city/state wide tourism or concentrated in certain areas like hiking or mountain climbing.

Customer Review Platform

At present, no one packs their bag without going through a bit of personal research. Moreover, some travelers review for months before deciding to cut the ticket to their dream escapades. This is where your business startup comes in. If you can build a platform where fellow travelers will gather with their stories and help each other out, then you have got yourself into the business. You might be surprised about how popular these businesses are today, besides bringing people together and attracting great advertisers.

Hotel Planning Business

The hotel business is one of the biggest branches of the tourism industry. While many people book their hotels on their own, you will be surprised by the number of people who, at the end, rely on an agency to book and manage their stays during travel.

A reliable hotel booking business can become a utopia for travelers. Remember that a good hotel booking business is one that retains customers and has the opportunities to crack great deals with wealthy hotels and resorts.

Taxi Service Business

Taxi Service BusinessAlthough taxi business might seem brimmed with enough players, there is always room for a clean and effective taxi service business. With easy and globally understandable system on-demand taxis on the rise, your taxi business can hit the top. Furthermore, you don’t have to buy or rent your own taxis to start a taxi service business. Sometimes, contractual services with taxi owners can take your business high without having required a huge investment.

Small, Mid-range or Large sized Travel agency

Lastly, you might want to consider opening a small, mid-range or full-fledged travel agency that provides most of the above services besides many others. There are several reasons why many people tend to use a travel agency to manage their tours. Some reasons might include – lack of time, avoiding hassle, lack of resources or plain reliability in professional work; whatever the reasons may be, remember that research shows 65% of people end up choosing a travel agency over self-management.

Hence depending on your investment capacity, experience, willingness and aim you might want to consider a travel agency as your dream business idea. Always remember that it doesn’t always have to be big for a travel agency to succeed.

Finally, we can conclude that travel is a lucrative sector to invest your money, skill and passion in. With the right tools, anyone can do great in the travel business remembering that it doesn’t have to be a huge investment of resources to make a travel startup. Also that sometimes a niche business idea for travel can be great one.


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