The Google Play Store is stacked with loads of great apps. But, you need to have a lot of patience to sort out the best one that satisfies your needs. So, here is a list of five mind-blowing free Android apps to rock your day. Android Apps in 2013 1. Seesmic:-

Twitter has millions of followers and it has launched its own branded Android app in the Google Play Store. There are many other 3rd party Twitter Apps available in the Android market as well. But, many mobile users are going for Seesmic. It’s a tiny Twitter app that provides support for multiple accounts including a home page widget displaying the latest tweets on the screen. Seesmic has a professional design and looks incredibly nice giving a finest example of what the latest apps are offering to us today. The latest version supports geotagging for messages, multiple Twitter accounts, URL shortener and Share pictures using Twitpic, Twitter, yFrog, Lockerz and MobyPicture.


2. WordPress:-

With the increasing demand of WordPress usage among millions of user, it has recently launched its simplified Android version in the Google market. With this tiny app you can manage or edit content, view stats, post a new content if required for your WordPress blog. The latest version of this app introduced quick action bar, introduced new interface for the dashboard and added a powerful WordPress editor to make it simple and easy for you to post or alter content on the go. This Android app supports both the self and hosted blogs.


3. Evernote:

Evernote lets you sync and stash all your important text notes, documents and voice memos on your smartphone and even access them directly from your laptop or desktop computer. Save your innovative ideas and enhance your productivity by using Evernote. Apart from that, Evernote allows you to snap photos, take notes, prepare to-do list and record your own voice remainders. Key features offered on this tiny Android app are sync across multiple platforms, organise notes and prepare tags for easy access, save important tweets and email notes to your Evernote personal account.


4. Flickr:

One photo sharing app that is wide popular with desktop users is Flickr. This free app is now available for Android lovers as well. This wonderful app has simple options to snap photos and even edit them with a set of useful filters which makes your editing task very simple. Share your edited pictures with social buddies on Facebook and Twitter by uploading directly to your Flickr account. Adjust the privacy settings to make your pictures hide to unknown users. Automatically add location and date to your picture with integrated geo-tagging feature.


5. BBC iPlayer:

Use BBC iPlayer to listen, watch live and also catch up the last seven days of BBC Radio and TV. Use this simple player on your Android device to watch live radio and TV shows, scroll through the popular programs and even add them to your favourite list. Install the latest version of Adobe player to enjoy seamless playback of the BBC iPlayer application. It has nice user interface and easy navigation menus.



  1. WordPress app is really useful for people like me. I am a blogger and now it’s easy to manage all my content via my android phone in collage, office and home. Thank you so much MOHD AKTAR, I was searching this kind of app from past 1 week. Thank you once again 🙂


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