5 Essential Multimedia Android Apps


Each day we discovered that we can give our Smartphone new uses. For example, these small devices have become a multimedia center to listen to music or radio, watch videos or even movies, or make and edit photos.

In this article I want to introduce five applications of android which has essential multimedia features that come standard on your mobile. And all are free.

1. Online Radio Android: TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio

The radio tuner that comes with many Android Smartphones is very useful to hear local stations. But would not it be much better to have access to thousands of stations from around the world and the language you want?

  • TuneIn allows you to access more than 70,000 radio stations worldwide.
  • Access your favorite radio stations wherever you are. Create your list of favorite stations. And continue to do other things on your Android because the radio remains ON in the background.
  • And taking advantage of the program you can use it as an alarm clock and have sleep-timer (you can schedule your off).

Download it on Google Play FREE

2. Listen Music with your Android: MusicXmatch


MusicXmatch is a good music player for your Android that will allow you to view the lyrics of the song you’re listening to. If what you want is the best Android player for listening to your music, download Power amp.

  • MusicXmatch is a simple music player in which you can select your music by artist, album or playlist. Its great advantage is that you can view synchronized lyrics while you listen. It has the largest catalog of song lyrics.
  • It is compatible with other applications, such as the aforementioned Power amp, so if you decide to install it, you will see the lyrics with the plugin musicXmatch.

Download it on Google Play FREE

3. Identify Songs: SoundHound


One of the applications that can be considered amazing and everyone should have on your Android. Have you ever heard a song and identify it you would have liked to download later?

  • With SoundHound can identify almost any song you hear. Even if the hum is able to do it in seconds.
  • Very quick in identifying and if you have no internet access at the time, Sounhound save the information until you have it and can identify it.
  • Also looking for music by saying the name of the song or artist.

Download it on Google Play FREE

4. Videos and Movies with best quality: MX Video Player

MX Video Player

MX Player is, in my opinion, the best video player for Android that currently exists. It is a free application (fee if you want to avoid publicity).

  • Forget the default application on your Smartphone to watch videos and download MX Player.
  • Very good performance and image quality thanks to multicore and hardware decoding. Plays all formats and streaming.
  • Very simple to use pinch zoom, subtitles anywhere, parental control so children cannot access other applications, etc.

Download it on Google Play FREE

5. Effects add your photos: Pixlr Express

Pixlr Express

Pixlr Express is one of the applications recommended by Google at the end of 2012. I agree with them, is one of the best photo editors that exist for our Android device.

  • We can tweak our photos in a pseudo profesional. You can apply up to 600 different effects.
  • Among other things, we can crop, resize and rotate images easily. Lighting effects, brightness, contrast, red eyes, and many more.
  • If you want, give us the option to add a frame to your photo.

Download it on Google Play

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