5 Dirt Cheap Marketing Hacks That Will Help Your Business Stand Out


5 Dirt Cheap Marketing Hacks That Will Help Your Business Stand Out

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Have a great product or service, a small budget, and struggling to get people interested? It could be time to approach your marketing in a different way. These hacks can help you get your name out there and cost little to pull off. Especially if you can get your message right…

Competition Time!

Competitions are effective, but only if the prize is worthwhile. If you sell products, giving something away free is worth it if you get a lot of entrants. If you run a service, you could offer half a day of your time. The idea here is to get people to sign up to your email list. Emails are cost-effective. And despite what you might have heard about social media, they are still the best way of getting directly in front of your customers.

Stick It On!

Stickers are a very effective method of spreading the word about your company. But don’t just put your branding on it. Intrigue people so they want to find out more. It’s a guerilla tactic, for sure, but if you plan the right place to put the stickers it can create interest and increase your exposure.

Mugs, Pens & T-Shirts!

Promotional pens, mugs and t-shirts do work, but they need to be part of an overarching strategy. Branding items properly is the key here. Avoid slapping on your company name and phone number, and think about what will prompt intrigue for your customer. Create a pain point in a message that they can relate to, and make it easy for them to ‘find out more’ at your website, office, or store.

Fill An Empty Store!

Even if you are a traditional online business, it is worth looking into renting out a vacant store for a temporary. Empty mall spaces are a serious eyesore. You can get some great deals from city chiefs wanting to make things look more attractive because it will bring in more business for them. Try doing one-off events and make things as exciting for your customers as you can. Create some awesome displays. They will go away and remember you. And they won’t forget.

Read All About It!

Have a think about your business and what you have learned. Is there anything that people would find interesting about what you do? For example, could you collate data from your customers and find an interesting pattern? Or perhaps you have noticed a gap in the market that you intend to fill. Once you have an ‘in’, contact a local journalist and reveal your story. Provincial news agencies have a long history of promoting new business, and it could be the most important contact you make.

Get A Social Conscience

Every local community relies on good deeds, so why not give something back? It will enhance your reputation, bring in potential customers, and open up a world of contacts. You don’t need to overdo it, and it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Think about an activity that fits in with what you do. For example, a cafe could host a children’s storytime on Sunday mornings, or a music shop could lay on a platform for local bands to play.

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