4 Things You Definitely Need in Your Office


Although most people may not like having to work for a living, it’s something that most of us need to do in order to get by. But just because you may not like going to the office every day doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy it. If you spend the time to make your office your own little mini retreat, you may be able to enjoy working and allow the day to go by much faster. And heck, you may even be a little more productive because of it too.

So if you want to revamp your office to generate some enthusiasm, the following are four things you need to get into your office today.

  1. Bed

Okay, so while you may hope you never use it, every hard worker understands that sometimes projects and assignments take longer than expected. Sometimes, having a place to call it a night without having to physically leave is a good idea, which is why you may want to place a small bed in your office. Futons are typically the best option, as they can serve as a couch and a bed when necessary. Just make sure you have some comfortable bedding from Amazon or Bouclair on hand just in case, and get to snuggling up if and when the time comes.

  1. Standing Desk

You need to keep your health at the forefront, and sitting at a desk for long periods of time can be detrimental to your health. This is why you should try and invest in a standing desk if possible. These workstations serve the same purpose as a traditional desk, but instead of sitting in an uncomfortable office chair, you can instead stand. This has many more health benefits to you, such as keeping your muscles loose. (And if you think that you may be tired from so much standing, you can keep a chair on hand for those lazier days.)

  1. Microwave and Mini Fridge

Although eating may often become an afterthought while at the office, it’s extremely important that you get your nourishment throughout the day, but who in the world has time to stop what they’re doing and walk to their kitchen or an outside retailer? This is why it’s a good idea to put a microwave and mini fridge in your office. This will allow you to keep breakfast, lunch, and dinner items on hand AND have a way to cook them. This way, you can ensure you get all the food you need throughout the day without having to take those annoying breaks (or make annoying water cooler chat with that weirdo from HR).

  1. Fans/Heaters

When you work in a corporate office, you have no  control over the temperature. No matter how hard you complain, it will always either be too hot or too cold in the office. For this reason, make sure you always have a personal heater and fan in your office to help you regulate the temperature. If it’s too cold, a heater can make it warm and toasty and allow you to focus on your work instead of your frozen fingers. If it’s too hot, a fan can keep you cool instead of dripping with sweat.

No matter what items you want to put in your office, make sure it’s okay with your company’s policy. The last thing you want to do is get a negative mark on your personnel file just because you like to microwave your food in your own office instead of the kitchen.

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