The 4 Best Tablet Accessories for Kids


According to a study, 72% of children in the U.S. under the age of eight have used or regularly use a tablet.

Perhaps even more incredible is the news that a staggering 33% of children under the age of 2 have used or are using tablet computers. Naturally, there are so many fantastic benefits and opportunities for young kids when using their parents’ tablets. A variety of apps and websites specifically designed for children enhance their learning and can be very entertaining for them. What’s more, many parents and caretakers are finding that keeping children’s multimedia such as their favorite TV programs, cartoons, and films is a life-saving distraction when traveling.

That said, there are naturally many precautions parents need to take when allowing their children to use tablets, particularly unsupervised. Although tablets do tend to be reasonably sturdy, their thin screens do make them susceptible to breakage, so care and preventative steps do need to be taken.

This is particularly true when children use tablets. Tablet computers are designed to be held and carried, so their use leads them to risk. This is why many people are turning to accessories to help prevent damage to their tablets, allowing their children to fully enjoy and make the most put of their devices, while encouraging parents to relax.

Here are our top 4 tablet accessories to help prevent kid’s use of tablets leading to damage and breakage.

1 – Tablet Covers

Tablet covers are extremely popular, as they provide a material that covers the most delicate part of the tablet – the screen. Many tablet covers also provide protection on the corners, ensuring that the device is protected if dropped on its corners.

Tablet covers can also protect against the sticky fingers that are often a problem with young children, with easy to wipe surfaces increasing the life of the tablet, and maintaining its appearance.

Tablet covers don’t only offer practical solutions however. It is possible to delight children as well as the whole family with a wide range of colors. This is particularly useful if your family has separate tablets that you and your children can use.

It is important that you find the right fit for your tablet accessories, as it is not always a case of one size fits all. Whether you are looking for iPad, Samsung Tablet or NOOK Tablet Accessories, make sure you are buying the right type for the model and brand you are using.

Best Tablet Accessories for Kids

2 – Shockproof Tablet Cases

Perhaps a particular ingenious and invaluable invention for parents allowing their children to use tablets is the shockproof tablet case. Going beyond the protective capacities of the standard tablet case, shockproof tablet cases provide parents with further reassurance. Although your tablet won’t physically bounce, the shock absorption in the material of these foam covers increases their metaphorical bankability.

What’s more, many of these covers have handles, and are designed with kids specifically in mind. There are however, a wide variety of different named shockproof tablet covers available, so be sure to find independent reviews of the different models, as many of them claim to have features beyond the practical reality. It is also important to remember that no cover will entirely guarantee your tablet computer will be safe and completely protected from breakage.

3 – Tablet Holders

There is one simple yet very effective solution to the issue of the risks surrounding children using and accidentally damaging tablet computers. Tablet holders can be very fun accessories that encourage children to only carry around and hold tablets when absolutely necessary. Naturally, children love to touch and hold things, and this is particularly true for younger children. This is how they learn, through playing and touching what they can see they discover the world. However, parents can significantly minimize the risks of dropping, damaging and breaking tablets.

This Two-Hands Stand in Pink Nook Tablet Accessory is fun, comical but also attractive, and can hold the tablet on behalf of the children. Children can be taught and encouraged to understand that the tablet can stay in one place, similar to how a desktop computer of yesteryear would have, until there is the need to transport it when on the go.

4 – Kids’ Stylus

Many tablets make it possible to use a stylus, a pen-shaped object that can be held and used to draw with on the tablets. This is particularly useful for drawing or creativity apps, but also for teaching children to write. According to studies, this is especially important as children are increasingly being encouraged to use tablets in their free time, over coloring or drawing. Studies demonstrate how children are not developing the dexterity skills required to use pencils, as they would have naturally only 5 years ago.

As a result, a kids’ stylus is a great accessory and tool to give them the experience of drawing, and so of holding, controlling and using a pen.

Our top tip is to find a stylus that does not look too similar to a pen. It is often possible for children to mistake inked pens and pencils with stylus, which often look very similar. This could lead to a chill drawing on your tablet without intention, which could cause lasting damage.

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