3 High-Tech Gadgets That Will Transform Your Home Life in 2015


Smart technology has revolutionised the world, especially in terms of driving home gadgetry and integrating the highly anticipated Internet of Things (IoT). As we become increasingly connected with the virtual world and its various components, so too smart technology optimises the experience and makes various household tasks and chores more palatable. While some of these have yet to enter the conscience of the mainstream consumer, they will take off in 2015 and over the course of the next eighteen months.

With a number of high-tech gadgets set to hit the consumer market in the next year or so, let’s take a look at three of the must-have products for your home.

The Oral B SmartSeries 7000 Toothbrush with Bluetooth

3 High Tech gadgets that will Transform your home life in 2015

One of the world’s first and most effective bluetooth-enabled toothbrushes, the Oral B SmartSeries 7000 can be synced with an application on your smartphone and helps to track your brushing habits. With dental professionals adamant that there is a correct and incorrect way of brushing your teeth, this device can monitor your habits and even make recommendations for best practice in the future. It will also time you to ensure that you are brushing for the recommended time of two minutes, hopefully improving the experience and leaving you with shiny, pearly whites.

The DoorBird Home Security System

High Tech gadgets that will Transform your home life in 2015

We all have packages delivered to our home from time to time, and this can pose a concern when we are out or otherwise engaged. If you have ever had delivered parcels mysteriously disappear before you return, you may want to consider in a piece of technology known as the DoorBird Home Security System. Essentially a combination door bell and home security system with video camera, it monitors your doorstep and feeds imagery back to a recording system. This way, you can keep track of who is visiting your home when you are not around and benefit from greater peace of mind.

High Capacity Smartphones such as the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy Nexus

gadgets that will Transform your home life in 2015

Mobile gaming represents huge business in 2015, and it is steadily replacing traditional console platforms as the dominant market force. This means that a growing number of gamers are choosing to connect their mobile or an Android console to their big screen, so that they can enjoy a wider depth and range of titles when playing within the home. This is especially true in 2015, with highly evolved mobiles such as the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy Nexus powered by advanced operating systems and delivering drastically improved graphics. Ranging from pub slots to console-inspired titles, these titles offer real-time entertainment and create the best of both worlds between accessibility and immersive experiences.

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