10+ Very Essential Tips for Blog Beginners


I’m glad to say that I’ve been in blogging since many years now and I’ve covered various topics. During all these years, I’ve learned many things, often going through the hard ways. Today, I feel happy to share my experience, which in my opinion can be most important tips for encouraging all the bloggers.

The tips mentioned below come in no particular order.



Keep your blog up to date with software. Example, WordPress regularly publishes for updates. Do you know that your blog can be hacked? However, to whoever is using this service does not need to worry.



The look is important. It’s like in real life. Because your contributions can be as good, if your blog looks bad and bad is usable, you will not find many readers. It is best to look for perfect free template (for example, WordPress made) and adapts it to and after your notions.


Reader feedback

Every comment and every email is golden. Responds to questions in comments is very precious to a reader. Whoever exposes it to the readers creates long time visitors to your blog. In addition, you learn a lot about what your targeted group needs the most.


Your eye

It took a while for me. However, I developed an eye for issues that may be of interest to my blog. Go with your eyes open (online and offline) world, and take the needs, problems, concerns, etc. to the people, to make it good item.



The competition can be very helpful. Learn from your competitors by trying to improve your blog. You should try to make your blogs better than your competitors did.



To earn money with blogging is a beautiful thought. However, who blogs just for the money, will eventually lose the desire. Money in blogging should never be the number 1 motivation. Otherwise, the chances are very high that it will give up.



Forget the whole “Get rich overnight” gurus. Building a blog is hard work and most of bloggers do not become rich overnight. Who has the necessary patience and motivation may eventually live in blogging.



Errors are important. Despite all the tips, you will also make mistakes. However, that is good because you learn more from it than from successes. Those who learn are more likely to become successful.



Many bloggers are very economical with links to the outside. That is a big mistake. Only those who diligently and without remorse (i.e. without “no follow”) links to other blogs and websites, do not get links back. Then you need not to link exchange or so to start.


Social Web

In addition to the visitors from Google today, many readers come via social sites like Furl, Yahoo, and hype! Etc. you should take advantage of it, by giving your good article sets there and ask your readers, to vote for you there.



If you write your article everyday, you should include fun in them. This can make you blog for a long time.

These are all the tips?

However, since am also learning new things everyday, this gives me new experience that make me to become a pro.

Therefore, I will surely write in the future another article on the second-tips that will help you also.

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