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February 10, 2014

Code-Free Website Creation for Professional Designers, With Webydo

For years now, the most popular method to create websites involved the collaboration of both professional web designers and developers.

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August 19, 2013

Hottest Web Development Trends for 2013

Technology goes through trends like any other medium, and design is no different. Just as different shoes are described as “last season” by those in the know, certain elements of design are less evergreen than others, and change rapidly with the times.

Hottest Web Development Trends for 2013

With website design, the fact that the product is continually uploaded to a place where everyone can access it at the same time means that trends change even more quickly than those in fashion, where those who want to know the current trends have to visit a certain city at a certain time, or wait for photographs to leak to the Internet.

Check Out: Web [...]

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June 20, 2013

Increasing Your Company’s Visibility

When you own a company, one of the main objectives will be to increase the visibility of your company. When your company’s visibility is increased, you will have to ability to gain new customers with ease. Because your company will be considered as more established, new customers will be less wary in trusting your products or services.

Established customers are also more likely to share your products or services with their friends and family. Some of the best ways to increase your company’s visibility includes eveloping a customer rewards program, creating an effective website, and marketing your company through social media.

Customer Rewards Program

Creating a customer [...]

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April 16, 2013

15 Useful Shortcode Plugins For WordPress

The list of 15 useful Shortcode plugin for WordPress that save you a lot of time and extend the capabilities of end users.
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How To Prosper As A Web Designer
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8 Ways to Get the Perfect Banner Design

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