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November 25, 2013

iPhone 5 NES Controller Case by ThinkGeek

iPhone 5 NES Controller Case by ThinkGeek. Here we go, another iPhone 5 case design, this time with retro touch.

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May 6, 2013

Hoo Whistle Case by Sang-hoon Lee

There are multitudes of iPhone cases out there with clever and creative designs, but the Hoo Whistle Case by Sang-hoon Lee is the best that I found so far.

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Hoo Whistle Case by Sang-hoon Lee is creatively integrated with whistle where you can actually use the whistle. According to Sang-hoon Lee, whistle is the most useful and the simplest tool that can be use in an emergency situation or in various circumstances where easily you can send signal and get help.


Hoo Whistle Case by Sang-hoon Lee Photos

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February 3, 2013

Stealth Case for iPhone by Svyatoslav Boyarincev

Most people opt for cases for full protection and in this post we want to highlight Stealth Case for iPhone by Svyatoslav Boyarincev. A iPhone case design that we think suitable for any type of person.
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February 1, 2013

iPooding – iPhone Soft Case Design by SUMNEEDS

It would be lost if you dropped and damaged your iPhone. That’s why you need a case as good as the iPooding Soft Case design to give extra protection for your iPhone.
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