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December 23, 2014

Essential Office Inspiration For Your Startup Company

Source: Pixabay

Being in charge of a startup can be a difficult and stressful affair. You go from being essentially self-employed, with only yourself to organise, to being the owner and director of your first business. You have to learn a lot, and you have to learn fast. And there are a lot of things that you probably never even thought about when you considered being your own boss. You probably thought about the possibility of employing new people. Maybe you looked forward to enacting your own creative vision. But you probably never thought about having to rent your own office.

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February 16, 2015

Amazing Tiny Painting by Hasan Kale – Awesome Work of Art

“Amazing Tiny Painting”, that what you called amazing artwork by Hasan Kale.

His painting are so tiny that you will want to bring along a magnifying glass to capture all the beauty and details in his works.

Some of his most recent works have taken a very tasty turn. Hasan has been painting his micro-art on tiny morsels of food, including slivers of almonds, a small slice of coconut, a square of chocolate, and other tiny bites of deliciousness.


via: Pop Virals

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February 7, 2014

Portable Radio Design by Omar I. Huerta Cardoso

Love this Portable Radio Design by Omar I. Huerta Cardoso for its gorgeous rippled effect and looks. The dial, the tilted stand and the clean lines are simply clever! Not much to write home in terms of features, but oodles to talk in term of sexy designing.

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February 7, 2014

Luna Watch by ilmo Ahn

The Luna Watch is a clever design that represents the process of waxing and waning of the real moon as a way of communicating the time. What this means is that Waning to the right indicates ‘AM’ and waning to the left means ‘PM’. You can recharge the watch via USB and access the functions menu by adjusting the crown. In all, designer ilmo Ahn wants you to own your moon.

Designer: ilmo Ahn


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