SEOPressor Version 5 – Get The Latest SEOPressor WordPress Plugin

SEOPressor WordPress Plugin
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  1. Azuan says:

    Nampak mcm best V5 ni.. teringin nak try guna.. Agak2, mana lagi bagus plugin ni dengan Easy WP SEO tu..

    1. neulabs says:

      ya mcm bagus SEOPressor V5 ni – nak compare susah jg bro – aku pakai yoast aja skg ni – ni dah cukup baik bg aku

  2. LSI feature is one, which I always missed in this… Glad they finally brought it here 🙂

  3. Misao says:

    I bought EasyWPSeo in the past and now i’m regret i did that. I must buy SEOPressor instead. It just way much better. 🙂

  4. Kamran says:


    SEOPressor is the best plugin which is use in WordPress and it is loaded with many good features and many new and professional blogger use this plugin in there blog and now it new version SEOPressor 5 is launch with more improvement.


  5. Juan says:

    today i start using seopressor

  6. Only for WP. Oh, bad. That’s why a lot of blogger using WordPress. THUMB UP 😀

  7. hatiputera says:

    Mana bagus yer diantara seo processor plugin dengan WordPress seo,,,

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